Selling On Consignment


What Will I Learn?

  • Decluttering your home, and finding sellable items.
  • How to log and price items.
  • Selling at yard sales and flea markets.
  • How to open a physical store

Product Description

Over the coming weeks I will be adding steps on how to start, whether you are looking to consign, or to start your own shop. Starting here, I will begin to offer you tips and an organised way to get you on the right road. We will go step by step, and each step will offer up a discussion on that topics lesson.

This course will be geared to giving you tips, and answering questions about the process of resale. Some of this information will be made public, and some wiil not. If you really have an interest in learning, and discussing the business of resale and consignment, you should do yourself a favor and sign up to our free project. If you know something about this business, or have a knowledge of another type of business you would like to share or teach, please do join us.

Also, some of the discussions on such topics, like this initi….

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